OLP Week2: Museum Multiverse Collab Art Blog: Plan, Layout, then build Part 1

OLP: Week 2 Art Blog for Museum Multiverse Update
Plan, Layout, then build Part 1

After completing my first assignment creating the locker interior, Hess has now given my second task to start building scenes within the museum. However before building we needed to plan out the over all design layout for the museum level. Here is a example plan of the layout for the Museum Multiverse level.

Currently I am building the first scene where the player starts in the art warehouse within the game. The lighting for this scene is suppose to be set in a dark setting.

Top View 

Front Views

Side Views

Back Views

Vent to where the player escapes the room from.

Next week I will continue to build this scene adding texturing and lighting for this scene. In addition I will begin to start building the rest of the scenes within the museum displayed on the map's floor plan.