OLP Week4: Museum Multiverse Collab Art Blog: Plan, Layout, Build Part 3 (Texturing)

Hello Again! Time for another weekly environment art update for Museum Multiverse.  As stated in my last post I have focused this week on texturing the first scene within the game which is the warehouse scene. Hess and I are still working on proper texture optimization as well as maintaining a stylized look to give a the game a certain feel. Hess mention to me that one of his inspirations for his game was from indie title called "Inside" by the developers Playdead.

After doing some research playing the game and dying countless amount of time *shakes fist*, I have noticed some consistent themes with the game's overall visual style. All of the scenes are full with wide open space while the texturing appears to have some sort of realistic yet flushed out cartoony appeal to them. I am unsure at this point if we are directly emulating the texture style but one thing we will be emulating for sure is the dynamic lighting of heavy darks and shadows to add to the suspense within the environment.

 Another aspect I have noticed is the simplicity of the geometry build for each scene. If you notice in this image, the geometry within this scene appears very simple in design. This is another attempt I am working towards when building each scene within the museum. With this said here are few progress screenshots of what we have this far with the textured first scene.

Currently, the textures have more of a realistic approach to it and resolution sizes range from 2048 to 512 in size depending on the textured asset. Some of the assets within the scene do have normal maps applied for additional detail. Keep in mind, things may change style wise down line during the development process. After finishing this first run, Hess adding the lighting and default avatar to the scene as to test the feel of the scene. Here are the screenshots.

Since we are building for VR, I it may be best to rebuilding the textures to included Light Mapping for better overall performance when running a full build. So for next weeks update my Goals are as follows:

- Continue building the next scene and get each assets set up for texturing.
- Work with Hess on handling the style and texture optimization within the game.
- Communicate with outside contact that may be interested in doing character modeling for the game.